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Website Designing: Designing Patterns Trends Prevailing in 2015 for Professional Designers

2015 has certainly taken over several incredible website designing trends from the previous years and there has been a balanced evolution of concepts like flat design into material design but nothing has come as ground-breaking as responsive website designing. Continue reading

Widespread WordPress Plugins and Themes Security Vulnerability

This is a general community announcement for all buyers of WordPress items to bring your attention to an XSS vulnerability affecting multiple WordPress plugins and themes. The vulnerability is caused by a common code pattern used in WordPress plugins and themes.

Anyone using a WordPress website, regardless of where the theme or plugin was sourced, needs to be aware of this and take immediate action to ensure it is secure.

What should I do?
As there is no simple way of knowing exactly which plugins or themes are affected, and the issue is widespread, our best advice is to periodically check for updates to any WordPress themes or plugins you are using and apply those available as soon as possible.

We strongly recommend continuing to check for updates, especially over the next few weeks, but also on an ongoing basis. It is important to always keep your WordPress installation and associated plugins and themes up to date. If you still have concerns, we suggest engaging an experienced WordPress developer to check whether your site is affected.

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Website Design Singapore

Responsive Website Design and Adaptive Web Design: Meaning, Benefits & Drawbacks

Responsive web design (RWD) and adaptive website design (AWD) are two pioneering website design techniques which are often baffled, but have extremely distinct features and significant differences. Continue reading

Website Design Singapore

Excellent Approaches to Build Fullscreen Website Design Backgrounds

The creative use of fullscreen backgrounds has become an integral part of the website design terminology. Several different website layouts from landing pages to companies and social media channels have been using this spectacular feature successfully. It is a wonderful approach to magnetize attention while parallelly branding a business. Continue reading

Clichéd and Excessively Used Website Design Styles in 2014

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Website design strategies, styles, and syntax are all products of the influences into the niche so; I commenced observing the trends surfacing, websites copying one another without even thinking. Often, the latest trends of the industry get overused by website designers. Continue reading

Effective Website Design Approaches to Magnetize More Website Visitors

Creating unique content for online users has been a huge challenge always, but getting them engaged with it is doubly challenging. Continue reading